Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Make It Yourself (Recipe) Monday!

My husband and I recently started hitting the gym vigilantly. At least three times a week we head on in, and two times a week I try and do an at home workout as well. And I've even started incorporating a healthy menu that both of us can accept.

Anyone knows, when starting a workout/weight loss plan you're told by everyone and their 4th cousin twice removed that you have to eat breakfast. I am not a breakfast person. That's right, I said it. I don't like eggs, I don't eat any pork product (and haven't for years), and oatmeal is the epitome of gross to me.

My mother tried and tried all my formidable years to get something in me before school. I was unrelenting. Especially because it was not uncommon for breakfast to make me feel physically ill for the first 4 -5 hours of the day. Who wants that?

Now I'm 23, married, and thousands of miles from home. I find myself forcing my husband to eat breakfast for his health and still not doing it myself, oh the irony!

I'm a big fan of meal replacement shakes, so I always have whey protein in the house. I don't like going through the trouble of making a big lunch if my husband isn't home, and often make green smoothies.

Today, I think I have finally found the cures to my morning blues. Iced Vanilla Protein Latte. 

Don't rub your eyes, or try to adjust your t.v. set, you saw this right. Low calorie, high protein, and high energy breakfast latte that you don't have to feel bad about all day. And who doesn't like lattes? I just don't like paying 5 dollars for one, and then thinking about all the calories.

What You'll Need: 

3/4ths a cup of prepared coffee, I used Seattle's Best Number 4 (my personal favorite) 
1/2 cup fat free milk 
1 scoop vanilla protein powder 

Throw the first three ingredients into a blender, or a shaker bottle, and blend 'em up. Then grab a handful of ice and pour your delicious latte over, enjoy. 

After all is said and done, your latte only has 2.5 grams of fat, 30 awesome grams of filling, muscle repairing protein, and is under 200 calories. 

What tips and tricks do you guys use when trying to lose weight and improve your lifestyle? 


  1. I like Yogurt for Breakfast.like you, I don't like anything associated with breakfast except yogurt.

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  3. I found my way here from SITS. This recipe sounds good and I'll have to give it a try. Like you, I'm not a breakfast person, but I'm trying to live healthier. Stop and over and say hi some time