About Alex

Hi! I'm Alex. As much as I want to spill out about myself, I'm out of those people who hates doing the "About Me" page. However, as I am a contributor to this blog, I have to give you something to let you know I should be blogging!

I'm a 23-year old, born and raised in Grand Rapids, MI.  I'm the oldest of two, in a non-crafting household.  I've been in a nearly two-year relationship with someone who condones my craftiness (I still have no clue why).  I'm a sports junkie; hockey & football rule all four of scrapbooks.  Coffee is my body's gasoline.  Keeps me from completely losing concentration on a project!

I started scrapbooking when I was ten years old and my love for crafting has just evolved.  If I come across a craft that looks like I can make, then I'll go for it!  Otherwise, it's a pile of crafting supplies & my imagination coming together to create something awesome.

I've always said that spending money on crafting supplies is better than spending it on drugs, so in all reality, crafting is my drug.

What I craft?

Mod Podge items
Crocheting (Basic)

My current addictions: washer necklaces & cardmaking!

Need to contact me?  alex.mishmoshcrafting@gmail.com