Wednesday, February 8, 2012

I'm Miss Organized Coupon Keeper

Dear Readers,

I'm sorry to have abandoned you during the past couple of months. It wasn't intentional, I swear. If it makes you feel any better, I neglected my personal blog for quite sometime, too.

To make up for it, I thought I would share my coupon binder. (Yes, I coupon.)

Now, if you're thinking,"Why a coupon binder? That's not crafty."

You're right, however - my part of crafting is the organization behind it.

Today, I was at Target and a lady came up to me & was wondering what I kept flipping through. (Either, 1.) I was that loud flipping, 2.) I wasn't really talking in my head, but aloud, or 3.) she had been following nearly every aisle.). I explained to her it was my coupon binder and it's how I keep it organized. She said she had NEVER seen a coupon binder like mine.

Here it goes:
I have nearly 20 sports card sleeves in my binder. My brother & I grew up collecting football cards, so these aren't in short supply here! On - they have a pack of 25 for around $5.

I separate my coupons by "department" & by category. My departments are health & beauty, food, household/kitchen items, store specific coupons, restaurants, receipts, and miscellaneous. For every department, I split up the categories. Example would be in health & beauty, I have a sleeve for bandages, body wash - female, body wash - male, deodorant - female, deodorant - male, etc. It's alphabetical and if I ever need to update or change out a category I rip off the labels and reorganize the sheets. However, it's always easier to write down a list of categories first.

This is my completed binder. I added some polka dot Duck Tape on the side, to make sure it stands out as mine!

Here are some pictures of what it looks like inside!

The labels are in the upper right-hand corner of each pocket.

This is my Target coupon section.
For those who may not know, you canuse Target coupons & manufacturer coupons - at one time.

I would like ANY & ALL feedback about this! Any questions? Please feel free to ask them!

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