Friday, February 3, 2012

Instant Knit-ification

Instant gratification as a knitter, or any crafter, is pretty sweet. Thus, why I have a million dishcloths in my house, of all kinds, Daleks, a few in the shape of the TARDIS, leaves, too many to go through and name, and when in the midst of a huge project (like the lace infinity scarf I'm working on) I need that instant gratification. So I picked up a pattern I did awhile ago that I really enjoyed and has been one of my favorite cloths.

Aunt May Dishcloth

The pattern is a wonderful challenge, but totally doable, for a brand new knitter, and a nice space-out pattern for people who've had a little more time in the field.

So now begins my little trek to make at least 4 of these suckers.

Happy Knitting!

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