Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Tiny (Er)Lenmeyer!

Well, I am still awaiting my battery. It should be here Monday or Tuesday, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed. I can say that one good thing has come from the visceral pain and suffering of not having a computer at my disposal - I've been a lot more creative. Instead of having Ravelry at my fingertips, I had to actually figure out things, by myself! I usually try and figure out shaping issues, or pattern hiccups, but it's so easy not to have to strain your thinking cap too hard when you have wonderful communities like Ravelry and Knitting Paradise. The fiber crafting community is a special kind of welcoming, and I've never come across a senselessly mean word in my time in it.

So anyway! I have a new pattern for you! Well.... sort of. A pattern adapted from a pattern to fit my own selfish love of small things. I was searching for the perfect gift to make a past teacher, for their new addition, and I came across Earl Lenmeyer, published by Shanna, or as she's known on Ravelry - Craftyshanna. He spoke to me. He was perfect. So I zoomed along and made one over the weekend - and decided I wanted a teeny tiny little one. I present - Tiny (Er)Lenmeyer:

With size G hook, chain 2 stiches, in the second stitch from the hook, chain 6.

Increase into each of the 6 stitches (12 stitches)
SC 1, Increase around (18 stitches)
SC 2, Increase around (24 stitches)
SC around the 24 stitches through the back loops of the stitches.
SC around.
SC 2, Decrease around (18 stitches)
SC around
SC around
SC1, Decrease around (12 stitches)

You may want to start adding safety eyes (if you're using them) and stuffing here, if you haven't already.

SC around
Decrease through the back loop of the stitches all the way around 

Cut yarn, and pull it tight. Those 6 stitches should be able to close up just fine.

Now insert your hook into the row where you decreased through the back loop the last time. There should be 12 front loops. Chain one through each of these, for 12 stitches.
SC around
SC around
SC 1, decrease around (8 stitches)
Cut yarn, finish his or her adorable little features, and you're done!  Stick a key-chain in him and enjoy!

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