Sunday, November 20, 2011

A Quick Post

I recently bought a Samsung Replenish & I've been through the whole thing of buying phone cases & not being satisfied with the quality. Thankfully, this phone came in pink because I'm pretty sure I'd be an owner of three new cases by now.

My goal with this phone is to protect the heck out of the screen. It's a touchpad phone & I'm not letting this one get wrecked.

My first idea was to cut the thumb off of an unused mitten & then stitch it up & slip in my phone. No one would think to steal a gal's mitten!

Tonight, while brainstorming other crafts - it hit me! I can make a FELT case.

Out came the felt, DMC floss (it's stronger), and some velcro.

However, while I was creating a craft storm, my silly self forgot to take pics!

This is the final result though:

Pink & Purple Felt

I cut a hole on the bottom for the charger & put velcro on the cover.


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