Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A Novice Study in Cables

When I first started knitting, I thought I was pretty badass for starting my first cable project. But I choose something far above my skill level, and ended up very frustrated, and actually walked away from knitting for a couple of weeks. So here's my gift to beginners! Or to the knitter who needs a break from the intricate, and a home for their kindle. :)  A simple, I promise, cable-forward pattern, or really, if you want to cable backward that's up to you, it's a personal choice. But I went forward, because that's just how I live my life. 

I wanted a simple project to break up some of the bigger, more intricate ones I’ve been doing. I also wanted a case to slip my tablet into before thoughtlessly throwing it into my purse whilst collecting the myriad of things that simply must go with me before I leave my abode. So, this little pattern came about. It’s perfect for beginning knitters who have their knits and purls all figured out now, and want to take the next step. 

And without further ado: 
CO 26 stitches with a bulky yarn onto size 9 needles (or whatever size you need to obtain the right gauge for your tablet, each of the panels are a set number of 8 stitches, so adding or subtracting is all you really need to do.) 

1x1 rib for three rows 

k8 p1 k8 p1 k8
p8 k1 p8 k1 p8
Repeat until you have nine rows

Row 9: (right side cable row) k8 p1, cable 4 sts front, k4, k4 from cable needle, p1 k8 

You will repeat the straight rows until you have 18 rows, and then you will need to wrong side cable, cable the purl stitches.  

Row 18: (wrong side cable row) p8 k1, cable 4 sts front (purlwise), p4, p4 from cable needle, k1 p8 
Repeat above twice per side.

I set my 'sock' for 36 rows per side, 4 pattern repeats, for a total of 8 cable repeats for the finished project. 

Once you complete your last cable, knit in (k8 p1 k8 p1 k8 / p8 k1 p8 k1 p8) beginning pattern for 8 more rows, followed by a 1x1 rib for two rows, bind off in the ribbed pattern. 

Kitchener stitch the sides up, and voila! a safe home for your own tablet!

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