Tuesday, January 29, 2013

My Experiences with Knit Picks

I just wanted to take a moment to talk about the special love I have for Knit Picks. You always hear that when someone has a problem with a company - they'll tell everyone. When they get great service - they'll tell one person. Well, I'm here to tell everyone that I love Knit Picks, and not just for beautiful needles, affordable quality yarns, or that fancy catalogue they send me that makes my wallet cry.

What I love most about Knit Picks is their customer service. I've never bought from a company with such prompt, polite and understanding individuals on the other end of my customer service calls. In the past I've purchased many cables, needles, yarns and accessories from Knit Picks (and will continue to do so), although I have only ever had an issue three times - it was always handled without question. And without me having to send back an item, fill out some form, or sacrifice my first born.

My first experience with their customer service was 2 years ago - a giddy me had purchased the Harmony Interchangeable needle set. I got my set, was in love, and didn't pay attention to the cap on one of the cables, and it stripped the connection on my size 5 tips. I was sad. Very sad. My husband said "Well, try calling them." So, on a whim, I did. The kind woman who picked up said "Okay, well I'll get a new 32" cable and set of size 5 needles right out to you!" Since my first issue I've only had to call customer service twice more, but both times they handled my issues quickly and kindly, with no hassle on my end. It was this interaction, and confidence in who I was buying from, that has brought me back time and time again.

I've gone into yarn shops after buying a product the day before (realizing I grabbed what I thought were yarns from the same dye lot but were not, circulars with faulty connections, etc), and they wouldn't take returns. Or they told me to contact the manufacturer, who told me to contact the store, and it was a big run around.  I'm still going to go to my LYS for yarns that I need right now, or that Knit Picks doesn't carry, but for the things I can wait a few days for - I'm a KP customer all the way.

Note: I am in no way affiliated with Knit Picks, other than being a pleased customer. This post isn't an advertising ploy, and it's not lining my knitting basket with yarn.

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