Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Guilt Free Cupcakes

The last few weeks I've spent patiently knitting, sewing, and crocheting away at baby items for my sister's first baby. I even ordered rattle inserts so I could make some non-plastic, easily washable rattles for her. At the moment I'm playing Dr. Frankenstein with a several cupcake patterns to yield my perfect cupcake rattle.

Attempt number one!

I needed a new pincushion - so it served a good purpose.

I must say, though I knit more projects than I crochet, I enjoy how fast a crochet project seems to fly by. I finished this little beaut' in about an hour last night.

I found the pattern here at Bitter Sweet. I changed just a few things, adding a round of SC here and there, nothing prolific.

I also finished the Diamond Baby Mittens to match the Diamond Baby Socks. Again, changed it just a tad, by only doing 3 diamond motif repeats, instead of 4, but that was probably just because my guage was a little big. (Shame on me for not swatching!)

I will continue to experiment with these cupcakes, and hopefully end up putting my own pattern out there. 

Until then - Allonsy! 

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